Contestant Data
Name: Jason Brady
Hometown: Victoria, BC

Born in 1978 into the Brady family, of DeBrady Glass Studios, I've been working with glass since I was 10 - when I was forced to sweep it off the shop floors for an allowance. One of my earliest glass projects was a 3'x5' stained glass "Dragon" window, completed along with a team of students in grade 6 - and installed at the entry to my elementary school.

My latest, and most significant work, was a set of 3' long glass models of the Tea Clipper "Marco Polo". I have also made more glass spiders than any one in glass history. Having always been interested in wizards and dragons, I'm now working to design and build a fully 3-D stained glass Dragon.

Between working part time for the family glass business and studying part-time at the University of Victoria, I'm also a Ski Instructor, a Snowboard Instructor, a Fitness Instructor, and a Scuba guide. For relaxation, I play classical guitar and practice martial arts - and whenever possible, play disc golf, sea kayak, surf, and drink beer with my buddies. I don't have any pets, but I do have 4 brothers. Does that count?

This glass gladiator is armed and anxious for combat - ready to give my best, and do whatever it takes to be victorious in Battlefield Glass. As long as it doesn't take up too much of my beer time.