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The time has come for Round 1...

The journey that is Battlefield:Glass 3 has now begun. What awaits our contestants is a voyage of creativity, innovation and inspiration in the art of stained glass. Our competitors will be asked to test themselves in each of these areas. Watch as they learn and grow artistically while traveling the road ahead.

The Theme Items consist of one (1) lead casted camel size 2.75"w x 2.25"h, item #8301-340; two (2) filigree wings size 2.5"w x 1.4"h, item #3021-143; and one (1) red faceted flat-backed jewel size 1.25"h x 0.5"w, item #6630-91.

All items must be used in the final project. When the soldering irons have cooled and the projects are complete, it will then be up to you, the Internet Audience, to judge these projects. Judging will start on February 7th and end on February 13th at 5:00pm EST.

Your votes will determine who makes it to Round 2!

Click here to view Round 1's entries!

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