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battlefield I
battlefield II
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And the battle continues...

After an impressive showing in Round 1, thirty-three contestants have been selected to advance to Round 2. The challenge does not get any easier as now they are confronted with a new Theme Item and the requirement that it be used in a flat panel piece. How will they do? Only time will tell.

The Theme Item consists of one (1) sandblasted oval (4"w x 6"h, item #5992-BR08), two (2) hexagon mirrors (1.75"w x 1.75"h), and forty-eight (48) white opal jewels (0.2"h x 0.2"w).

All items must be used in the final project and the project must be a flat panel piece. When the grinders have stopped and the tools put away, it will then be up to you, the Internet Audience, to judge these projects. Judging will start on March 28th and end on April 3rd at 5:00pm EST.

Your votes will determine who makes it to Round 3!

See the results of Round 2!

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