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The final battle is approaching!

Having made it through three rounds of competition, our remaining 8 soldiers are faced with yet another new challenge. These soldiers are now well aware that their creativity will be pushed to the limits until the conclusion of the final battle.

Each of our contestants have been sent two (2) small clear bevels (3/4" x 1", item #1290-1001), two (2) purple blown glass things, one (1) spiral wand (item #3808-198) and one (1) bag of glass flowers (item #6643-451.) These items must be used in a 3-Dimensional piece that will be offered up to you, the Internet Audience, to vote on. Judging will start on July 3rd and end on July 10th at 5:00pm EST.

Your votes determined who advanced to the Finals in Round 5!

View the results!

Questions or Comments? Contact the BF:G Staff at
Questions or Comments? Contact the BF:G Staff at