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The final battle is here!

Having made it through four competitive rounds, our remaining 4 soldiers are faced with the final challenge. The time has come for these hard working and creative soldiers to really pull out all the stops and wow the audience. Of course we're making it as hard as possible for them with the crazy items we've picked out of our warehouse!

Each of our contestants have been sent three (3) plastic flowers, three (3) feet of Copper Jack Chain (#3256-16), one (1) "Happiness Is" wrought iron sign (#2071-80), two (2) finials, and one (1) bevel cluster (item #8511-68109). These items may be modified in any way as long as they are still recognizable in the final project for the Internet Audience and the guests at Glass Visions 2003 to vote on. Judging will start on August 22, 2003 for the Final Round at Glass Visions 2003. On August 24, 2003 the Winner will be announced at Glass Visions 2003.

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