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Because Every Contest Must Have Rules...

You knew there had to be rules. No contest is complete without them, so please read them carefully. To be fair, we'll be strictly enforcing them so please contact us if anything is unclear to you.

  • Contest registration will be conducted until 1/3/03. Contest registration is open to anyone who is interested. There will be no maximum limit to the amount of contestants taken.
  • The contest is open to all artists residing in the United States, its territories, or Canada. Employees of Warner-Crivellaro or their families are not eligible.
  • A non-refundable $25 entrance fee is required to compete.
  • Contestants will receive a "Theme Item" for each round of competition that they compete in. The Theme Item for the round must be used in the project for that round. In the event that a Theme Item consists of several individual items, each must be used in its entirety (cutting up items and using all of the pieces is acceptable). Any other supplies may be used as well, as long as the Theme Item is present. Failure to use the Theme Item will result in disqualification.
  • You will be sent the Theme Item for each project from Warner-Crivellaro Stained Glass, so please be sure to keep us up-to-date on any address changes. We can not be responsible for any delays in completing your project caused by incorrect addresses. You will have approximately four weeks to complete your project per round.
  • Theme Items will be shipped via UPS or Parcel Post. The contestant will not be responsible for any shipping charges for these methods of delivery. The option to have the Theme Item express shipped is available to all contestants. In this case, shipping will be based on weight and distance travelled and the contestant is responsible for these shipping charges. It is the contestant's responsibility to request the express shipping method prior to 9AM EST on the day the Round's Theme Items are set to ship. When requesting express shipping, please be sure to include a daytime phone number so that we can contact you for a form of payment.
  • Battlefield:Glass will consist of 5 Rounds of competition. The field of contestants will be narrowed to 31 contestants + 1 Webmaster Wildcard (see below) after Round 1.
  • Each Round of competition will require the use of the Theme Items as mentioned above and also each contestant's project must be of a specific discipline in stained glass.
    • Round 1: Anything goes!
    • Round 2: Flat Panel
    • Round 3: Mosaic
    • Round 4: 3-D
    • Round 5: Anything goes!
  • Webmaster Wildcard. The Webmaster Wildcard will be one project chosen in each Round from Round 1-3. This project will be chosen by the Battlefield:Glass Webmaster based solely on his discretion of the project's creativity and style.
  • Voting for Round 1 will consist of each voter selecting the 31 projects they would like to see advance to Round 2. Each voter will be given 31 "Yes" votes to assign to the projects they feel should advance based on creativity. The 31 projects that receive the most "Yes" votes will advance to Round 2 (plus 1 Webmaster Wildcard).
  • Voting on the other Rounds will consist of scoring each project in two categories: creative use of Theme Items, and how much the voter likes the project. The first category will be worth a maximum of 10 points, and the second a maximum of 5 points. This point system will provide an emphasis on creativity. All votes will come from the Internet audience, and each project will be displayed during the voting process without the contestant's name. At the end of the voting, the project's creator's name will be displayed with their project.
  • At the conclusion of each round, the contestants with the highest average score for that Round's project will advance, plus one Webmaster Wildcard (for Rounds 1-3).
  • In the event of a tie, the points earned in all rounds by the contestants will be added together. The contestant with the highest cumulative point total will advance. In the event of a tie in this case, the decision will pass to three tie-breaking judges.
  • Number of Contestants per Round
    • Round 1: All registered contestants
    • Round 2: 32 contestants
    • Round 3: 16 contestants
    • Round 4: 8 contestants
    • Round 5: 4 contestants
  • The Round 5 Judgement and Announcement of the Winner will take place at Glass Visions 2003. The Final Four contestants must make their final projects available at all days of Glass Visions 2003. It is the contestant's responsibility to get their project here for the judgement. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. Final Four contestants who plan to attend the trade show (if you don't know what Glass Visions is, click here) will have any admission fees to GV2003 waived.
  • When you receive your Theme Item package in the mail, you will receive instructions on the date all entries for that round must be in. Failure to provide pictures and descriptions in electronic form by that date will result in disqualification.
  • All images must be e-mailed to in .jpg or .gif format. No other type of pictures (i.e. snail-mailing us prints, file formats other than those specified) will be accepted. In order to be fair, we will not do any photo editing, so it is your responsibility to provide us with the best possible pictures you can. Instructions as to how many pictures will be accepted for each round will be included with your Theme Item. All photos submitted become the property of Warner-Crivellaro.
  • All round entries must have a description about the project. Things to include would be any glass selection, difficulties you faced (and how you overcame them) during the project, time it took to complete, etc. Please be clear in your writing, it may help you in the voting.
  • Prizing Structure (by round)
    • Round 1: Qualifying Round
    • Round 2: $25 Gift Certificate
    • Round 3: $50 Gift Certificate
    • Round 4: $100 Gift Certificate
    • Round 5:
      • Fourth Place: $350 Gift Certificate
      • Third Place: $500 Gift Certificate
      • Second Place: $750 Gift Certificate
      • Grand Prize: $1,500 Gift Certificate
    Please note: all Gift Certificates are redeemable at Warner-Crivellaro Stained Glass. Prizes will be awarded after elimination, in the case of Round 5 Prizes, the Gift Certificates will be awarded the week of August ##, 2003. Prizes are not cumulative. Whatever round you are eliminated in will determine the Gift Certificate you receive. Prizes will be awarded on elimination, disqualifications will forfeit their prizes.
  • Disqualifications during the contest can happen in four ways: failure to have a bio submitted on time, failure to use the Theme Item in your project, failure to have your entry in on time, or failure to have your final project at Warner-Crivellaro's Glass Visions 2003. You will automatically lose the round you are in and forfeit any prizes.

Questions or Comments? Contact the BF:G Staff at